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Foot Massager

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    The foot massage simulator is a breakthrough device that provides foot acupressure points with the right stimulus using electrical muscle stimulation impulses. These help in improving blood flow and soothing the strained joints and ligaments, resulting in effective joint pain relief.

    Ems Foot Massager

    This functions by stepping on the mat pad of the massager providing relief that starts on your feet. Designed like a human foot, targeting the main spots and acupuncture points in human feet for amazing treatment.


    Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low-frequency pulse (eps/ems) technology, promotes blood circulation, relax the feet, massage & stimulate acupuncture points, relieve pain, and reduce fatigue.

    Safe And Comfortable To Use

    It uses a soft and comfortable yoga mat material footpad which is made of skin-friendly silver with ion circuit printing and does not cause any harm to the user.



    • Power Supply Mode: Rechargeable
    • Function: Wireless remote control
    • Massage Principle: Vibration
    • Colour: Battery type, rechargeable type

    Package Includes:

    • Foot Massager


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    Foot Massager - Stregactive
    Foot Massager - Stregactive